Language Learning With Podcast.

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Homework is invading MP3 players as a growing number of educators are turning to podcasts to teach languages. reports that there is a demand for language-learning podcasts, such as which currently ranks 4th for most popular podcast at Yahoo Podcasts.
According to the article, has had 5 million downloads to date and about 20,000 visits to the website every day.

Ken Carrol, the owner of says in the article that podcasts can’t replace the teacher, but they can suppliment the classroom. “[…] language schools do have a very important role, they help you to speak the language. I think people still hav to go to language school or have lessons with a teacher, but podcasts mean you can spend less time there.” also reports that podcasts are an resourceful medium for teaching English.
New Middle School, teacher Sergio Gonzalez is reported as saying, “This is using something that is not for ‘educational’ purposes – and we’re seeing the benefits. One of the hardest things we have to do as teachers is to have English learners practice language at home. This is a new way of having kids take work home, and they can also record it so we can see how they’re progressing with their fluency.”

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