Concurso Mundial de Podcast

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The Nomination Process:

Starting at 0001 1 July 2006 Hawaiian Standard Time nominations will be open via website submission.
You can nominate / submit a Podcast once every 24 hours.
You can nominate a show for Podcast of the Year or Best Produced and also submit it to an individual category .

You should not submit the same show in multiple categories.
Any duplicate submission om a 24 hour period by the same nominator will result in nominations being thrown out!

Do not abuse the system and submit a single show multiple categories!
The nomination form will contain the following:
Your e-mail address
Podcast name you are nominating
RSS feed of the Podcast
Podcast URL.

Enter a comment on why you think the podcast is deserving of being nominated to the category.

Make sure your e-mail address is valid as we will be using a special technique to check the validity of the account, a percentage of the nominations will receive an e-mail several days after the nomination in which you will have to verify the nomination. No verifications will be sent immediately and not all nominators will receive a verification e-mail.

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