Atascadero High curriculum: Reading, writing and podcasting

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Posted on Sun, Apr. 01, 2007

Atascadero High curriculum: Reading, writing and podcasting

By Leah Etling

Atascadero High School students likely will be offered a new class next year — podcasting, the first of its kind in a county high school.

Podcasting is the production of video and audio segments for broadcast on the Internet. The movies or sound bites can be downloaded onto an iPod or other portable viewing device, or watched on a computer.

Podcasts have fueled the popularity of Internet sites such as YouTube, where people post their videos for the world to watch.

Atascadero computer science teacher Gary Bissell came up with the idea for the class, which is scheduled to be approved by the Atascadero school board at its meeting Tuesday. Bissell attended a county education seminar that taught him how to podcast.

A commuter from San Luis Obispo to Atascadero, Bissell said that he was soon downloading podcasts to listen to on his drive, including segments from National Public Radio programs “This American Life” and “Car Talk.”

He’s also preparing for a summer trip to South America with podcast lessons from the program “Coffee Break Spanish.”

“It’s like listening to a radio broadcast on your own time,” said Bissell, who has taught at Atascadero High for 22 years.

In the course of his career, Bissell has overseen the development of the high school’s technology program from Apple 2 Plus computers to today’s lab, which is furnished with the equipment and programs students will need to podcast.

Atascadero High already has classes that teach Web site production, computer networking and repair.

Podcasting students will start with audio segments of several minutes and later move into video during the semester-long class, which will be limited to 25 students.

They’ll develop a variety of skills while working with new technology.

“Public speaking is involved, audio editing, script writing, organization and presentation,” Bissell said. “They’ll be introducing background sounds like they do on NPR sometimes, to make it a little bit more exciting, and using background music, too.”

After the students create their podcasts, they will upload them to the school’s Web site for downloading by the general public.

Bissell has several ideas that he wants to suggest to the class, including an interview with the oldest person in their family, tutorials on how to repair or construct something, and a video of their favorite hobby.

Some students, of course, will already have the skills. That’s been a major change Bissell has noticed in his two decades of working with kids and computers.

“We used to offer basic classes in keyboarding and that sort of thing. We don’t offer those anymore because the basics aren’t necessary. They’ve been using computers all their lives,” Bissell said.

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