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JANUARY 16, 2006


Podcast Pioneers From Around the World Join Forces on Editorial Board

Worldwide (January 16, 2006) – A new magazine for podcasters, ID3 Podcast Magazine, is scheduled to launch its premier issue in May. Named after the embedded data tag found in all podcasts, ID3 Podcast Magazine will be printed bimonthly, six times per year, with subscribers gaining access to print, electronic (PDF), online and podcast editions.

The new podcast magazine will be dedicated to serving podcasters with extensive editorial coverage about all things podcasting, including feature stories, trend articles, podcast profiles, tips and tricks, podcaster Q&As, podcast reviews, equipment and software reviews, industry lists, news analysis, sector updates, reader polls, podcast excerpts, business solutions, trend stories, expert commentary and much more. A complete editorial calendar can be found at .

The international magazine is the brainchild and undertaking of Kristopher Smith and Todd Andrlik. Smith is a well-known podcaster and president of Palegroove Studios, a podcast production studio. Andrlik (pronounced And er lek) is a marketing professional who helped Smith launch Palegroove Studios in February 2005. Together, Smith and Andrlik will serve as ID3 Podcast Magazine’s co-editors in chief. They will also co-host the magazine’s podcast edition.

“We’re not a big publishing powerhouse,” Andrlik said. “We’re just two guys who are passionate about podcasting and crazy enough to work on a shoestring budget to create a magazine that will benefit podcasters.”

“Ultimately, we want ID3 Podcast Magazine to strengthen the growing podcaster family by offering relevant and powerful information,” Smith said. “We want it to be a magazine podcasters will pick up and be proud of.”

To help mold, review and create content that will better serve readers, ID3 Podcast Magazine’s co-editors in chief assembled an editorial review board of fellow podcasters, related professionals and industry pioneers.

The ID3 Podcast Magazine editorial review board includes:

  • Daniel Broad is the UK-based author of RSSRadio, the first Windows podcast client to be released as Shareware, which was first released in January 2005 in response to a perceived gap in the market for a supported and easy-to-use podcast client. In podcasting, his areas of interest include the listener experience and software.
  • Evan Brown is a Chicago attorney practicing commercial litigation and intellectual property law, and is the author of the InternetCases blog. He is a graduate of the University of Denver College of Law, where he was the online editor of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy. Evan is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Colorado .
  • Tony Kahn is a veteran, award-winning writer, producer, narrator and host of more than 50 radio and television programs and series for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR), Nickelodeon, A&E and Boston television stations WGBH and WCVB. Kahn is the producer and host of the radio show and podcast Morning Stories from WGBH, public radio’s first podcast. He graduated Magna cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard University
  • Dan Klass is co-author of “Podcasting Solutions: The Complete Guide to Podcasting.” Based in California , he is the host and producer of two podcasts – The Bitterest Pill and Old Wave Radio: New 80’s Music! He founded in September 2005 to produce and distribute entertainment and industrial podcasts and video podcasts. Dan, his book and his podcasts have been featured in numerous national media outlets, such as NPR, Fox News, New York Times and BusinessWeek.
  • Scott Lockman is a new media consultant based in Tokyo , Japan . He began podcasting in October 2004 and currently produces two shows: Tokyo Calling and Comprehensible Input. In podcasting, his areas of interest include audio production, education, field recording, interviewing and story telling.
  • Tee Morris is co-author of “Podcasting for Dummies” and the first author to podcast a published novel – his own “MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana” – from cover to cover. His latest book, “The Legacy of MOREVI” is the sequel to the podcasted original. Based in Virginia , Tee is also the host and producer of The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, a podcast about how to market books.
  • Rich Pav is the Japan-based host and producer of Herro Flom Japan podcast and video podcast. In podcasting, his areas of interest include software, research and statistics. Rich began podcasting in March 2005 and is well-known for his soundseeing podcast tours.
  • Nicole Simon is a Germany-based blogger and podcast pioneer with a passion for digital rights and social media. When she’s not recording her podcasts – Useful Sounds, Cruel to be Kind and Bloxpert – she enjoys consulting, teaching and speaking about the online world’s benefits to business. As the queen of the pre-conference podcast, Nicole is a familiar face at major tech and social media events in Europe .
  • Garrick Van Buren is a veteran podcaster from Minnesota , best known as the host and producer of the First Crack podcast. He is the founder of Working Pathways, Inc., a consultancy and web application development firm dedicated to creating technologies, such as BetDirCaster and various WordPress plugins, which simplify business processes and create stronger connections between people.

ID3 Podcast Magazine subscriptions are available for $28 ( USA ) and $34 (outside USA ) at Those who subscribe before March 1, 2006 will receive the first issue free.

“As a new print magazine, there is a lot of infrastructure that needs to be built before we get into a regular bi-monthly rotation – especially considering our small staff,” Andrlik said of the premier May/June issue’s lead time. “More importantly, we want to measure twice and cut once. It’s important that we deliver the highest quality magazine with the highest quality content so the magazine is something podcasters can be proud of.”

“Prior to launching our first issue, our subscribers will enjoy behind-the-scenes podcasts, exclusive stories, interviews and more via ,” Smith added.

In addition to extensive editorial coverage, ID3 Podcast Magazine will attempt to build a roster of relevant advertisers that will benefit the podcaster readership with details about the latest and greatest software, equipment, services, products and podcasts.

Podcasting has exploded in popularity since its discovery in late 2004. In 2005, “podcast” was New Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year. Researchers at the Diffusion Group, a digital research consulting firm, predict that the United States podcast audience alone will climb to 56 million in less than four years. With podcasting also growing exponentially in Asia and Europe , the worldwide podcast listener numbers could near the quarter billion mark by 2010.

About ID3 Podcast Magazine

ID3 Podcast Magazine is an international trade magazine dedicated to serving podcasters with extensive editorial coverage about all things podcasting. Named after the data tag embedded in all podcasts, the bimonthly magazine launches in May 2006. In addition to a full-color print edition, ID3 Podcast Magazine subscribers also gain access to online, electronic (PDF), and podcast editions. The podcast edition will feature content from the proverbial cutting-room floor, including full-length interviews, outtakes, behind-the-scenes magazine discussions, etc. The magazine was the brainchild of seasoned podcast host and producer Kris Smith and marketing professional Todd Andrlik, who serve as the magazine’s co-editors in chief. The magazine and its content are supported by an editorial board of podcast pioneers from around the world. For more information, please visit

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