Podcast in English Laguage Teaching

FAQ: Podcast, podcaster, podcasting

Q01: What is a podcast = (Radio Program) ?
A02: It is an digital audio file, normaly in mp3 format, uploaded to the Internet for other people have the chance to downlaod it and listen its contents.

“A radio programa without a radio”
“The radio a the new era”
“The Radio of Digital World”

Q02: What is the ethimology of podcasting?
A02: Podcasting comes from two words:
IPod = mp3 player = Digital Audio Player and
Broadcasting = radio transmission

Q03: What is podcasting?
A03: Podcasting is the technology releated to the production and presentation of “Radio Programs” usiong computeres and the Internet.

Q04: What is a podcaster?
A04: Podcaster is the person who makes podcasts = (Radio Programs)

Q05: How can you listen to a podcast = (Radio program) ?
A05: You can listen to a podcast = Radio Porgram in your computer, in an mp3 audio player, a pendrive and also you can make an audio CD from mp3 files.

Q06: How can you get chilepodcast podcasts = (Radio Programs) ?
A06: Go to http://http://www.chilepodcast.cl/ and donwload some audio file = (Radio Program) for a later listening.

Q07: How can you get podcasts = (Radio Programs) from another countries?
A07: Visiting these websites:


Q08: How can you get educational podcasts = (Radio Programs) ?
A08: USA: http://epnweb.org/ UK: http://recap.ltd.uk/

Q09: What school sibjects are supported by educational podcast = (Radio Programs) nowadays?
A09: Desing and technology; English Literature; Art and Music; Phisical Education and Sports; Rerligoious Education. Etc.

Q10: What skills can be develepoed with podcasts = (Radio Programs) when teaching English language?
A10: You can develop listening skill.

Q11: What other aims can be achieved using this technology in tle classroom?
· Get vocabulary
· Improve pronunciation
· Know differents cultures and customs
· Know different accents of English speaking countries

http://www.chilepodcast.cl/ facts

· An article published at http://www.educarchile.cl/ about podcast, podcaster and podcasting
· An interview for Radio Nederland and Radio Exterior de España, Europe
· A TV interview for Canal 13 cable “Estamos Conectados” program
· Participation in two radio interview in Miami while as a grant student (Radio Voz Cristiana)
· Second place at an American contets about podcast (Non English Category) http://www.podcastawards.com/
· An article about chilepodcast activities in “La Últimas Noticias” (September 12, 2005)
· An article about chilepodcast activities in “El Rancagüino”
· Recongnition from Senator Fernando Flores in his blog http://www.fernandoflores.cl

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